Z-Wave Eurotronic Radiator Thermostat StellaZ

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High-performance thermostat enables wireless control of all your home's radiators, ventilation and climate control.

  • Save energy by controlling individual radiators
  • 4-mode operation - Frost, Comfort, Energy Saving and Direct control
  • Radiator valve adapters included for easy installation to almost all radiators


StellaZ is a Z-Wave wireless Thermostat Valve capable of controlling heating, air ventilation and climate control units. The thermostat valve includes temperature sensor, control and actuator functions in a single device allowing stand alone control of a room's heating/ventilation.

The StellaZ can run in four different operation modes (Frost, Energy Saving, Comfort, Direct Control) and reports the room temperature to the Z-Wave network.

  • Frost Protection: The room's temperature will be regulated to about 6 °C.
  • Comfort: The temperature will be regulated to a comfortable level - factory default is 22 °C
  • Energy Saving: The temperature will be regulated to a energy saving level - factory default is 18 °C
  • Direct Valve Control: This mode allows the direct control of the valve as percentage value
  • Note: Comfort and Energy Saving modes can have their setpoint changed by the Z-Wave controller

The thermostat valve also includes an 'Open Window' function that automatically closes the valve when a window or outside door is opened.

Features List

  • sensor, regulator and actuator, all in one
  • self-sufficient, energy efficient room control is possible
  • save up to 30% in heating costs
  • easy to install due to the snap-on adapter system
  • nearly noiseless gear
  • automatic frost protection
  • "open window" detection
  • disassembly protected by security mechanism
  • only use the supplied tools to open/removable
  • fits on a lot of well known lower valve parts (e.g. Heimeier, Danfoss, Honeywell Braukmann, Honeywell  MNG, Oventrop from approx. 1996 among others)
  • adapters for different types of valves available

Thermostat Alerts Messages

  • Battery Low Indication

Technical Specification

    • Z-Wave Chip 300 series
    • Screen/display: Grey digital with backlit
    • Actuator type: Electromechanical
    • Control: PID
    • Spindle movement: 2-3 mm on valve
    • Maximum extension: 4.5 mm
    • Speed of adjustment: 3s/mm
    • Connection: M 30 x 1,5
    • Software classification: A
    • Operation Modes: Frost, Comfort, Energy Saving and Direct Vale Control
    • Control: The units Setpoint can be changed by the Z-Wave controller
    • Low battery signal: Battery icon and alarm bell will flash in display. If the battery level is critical, the whole display will flash
    • Open-window function: yes
    • Z-Wave: Z-Wave
    • One group
  • LED and Button
    • Status icons:
      • OK – Green (2 sek.) (Learn completed, NIF sent, Wakeup sent)
      • Failed – Red (2 sek.) (Learn mode failed or NIF/Wakeup Notif send failed)
      • NWI – Red-Green blink (only in NWI mode)
      • Install – Green blink (Installation mode) 
      • Error – Red blink (Error communicating)
    • Buttons: Include and Exclude
    • Battery: 3V (2 x AA battery)
    • Temp Unit: °C
    • Temp Display Resolution: 0.5 °C
    • Temp Measurable Range: 0 - 50⁰C
    • Transportation temperature range: -20 to 65⁰C
    • Maximum water temperature: 100°C
    • Temp Setting Range:  4 – 28 °C
    • Temperature sampling: Measures temperature every minute
    •  65 x 65 x 48 mm (HxWxD)
    • FCC, CE, RoHS, Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
    • 3 mW in standby, 1.2 W when active
    • up to 0.8mW
    • Up to 30 meters
    • 0-50°C
    • -5-60°C
    • IP20
    • 177 g

Package content

  • x1 Stella Z 
  • x1 User manual 
  • x1 Connector 
  • x3 Adapters (Danfoss RA, RAV, RAVL) 
  • x1 Tool

Additional Info

Z-Wave Command Classes

Model: Eurotronic Comet Z (Comet Z)

Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC08-15110002

Supported Command Classes
        Manufacturer Specific
        Multilevel Sensor
        Node Naming and Location
        Switch Multilevel
        Thermostat Mode
        Thermostat Setpoint
        Wake Up

User manual


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Дополнительная информация
Z-Wave Plus: Нет
Z-Wave аппаратная платформа ZM3102
Z-Wave тип библиотеки Routing slave
Z-Wave тип устройства Thermostat
Z-Wave тип роли Thermostat General V2
Технология Z-Wave
Частота EU
Группы ассоциаций 1
Производитель Eurotronic
Источник питания Батарея
Тип батареи AA
Внутренняя/наружная установка Внутренняя
Тип монтажа Радиатор
OTA обновление прошивки Да
Назначение Управление отоплением
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