Aeotec Крепление для мультисенсора 6

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Install MultiSensor 6 on a ceiling or wall cavity with recessor

  • Designed for Aeon Multisensor 6
  • Easy Wall or Ceiling installation
  • Extrudes only 1.2 cm space

Recessor for Multi Sensor 6

Smart sensor.

С потолочное креплением вы можете встроить Aeotec мультисенсор 6 в потолок - и сделать его почти невидимым и эффективным. Подобно встраиваемым потолочным светильникам, датчик практически полностью исчезает в потолке. Одновременно с этим зона обнаружения для мультисенсора (датчик движения и интенсивности света) увеличивается.

Крепление имеет магнитные застежки для простого монтажа и демонтажа датчика. Поскольку он занимает только 1,2 см свободного пространства, он может быть ненавязчиво установлен на вашем потолке, что делает его идеальным аксессуаром для вашего дома.

Invisible sensor.

MultiSensor 6 is smartest and most subtle Z-Wave sensor available. Within its impossibly small design it features 6 different Z-Wave sensors, effortlessly monitoring a room and making your connected home all the more intelligent.

With Recessor, the impossibly small MultiSensor 6 becomes even more smaller. In fact, it becomes nearly invisible, sitting only 0.04 inches within a room.

1.2cm of sensor.

We like things small. We prefer them invisible. Recessor offers the best of both. It lets MultiSensor 6 monitor 6 different points of intelligence in a room, and it lets it do it without reducing its accuracy or functionality.


Itself only 4.4cm deep, Recessor snaps in place courtesy of 2 ingenious retainingspring clips. Those same springs of course allow for Recessor and MultiSensor 6 to be removed at any time without damaging your ceiling or wall.

Subtle installation.

Whether it’s within a wall or in a ceiling cavity, Recessor lets MultiSensor 6 work its magic subtly.

wall wall
Ceiling installation.

Monitor a full room with MultiSensor 6 using Recessor to install it within your ceiling.

Wall installation.

Use MultiSensor 6 as a beam sensor by installing it within a wall cavity using Recessor.

Still perfectly powered.

The perfect option of running your MultiSensor 6 with mains or battery power continues with Recessor.

Recessor has been designed to allow for a power cable to still be connected to MultiSensor 6 so that it can run without batteries. Recessor has also been designed so that it can be easily removed to allow for MultiSensor 6’s batteries to be changed every 2 years.


Still precise.

Recessor doesn’t just convert MultiSensor 6 into a Z-Wave ceiling or beam sensor, it converts it into a precise sensor.

Once recessed, your MultiSensor 6 can be angled up to 30ºwithin Recessor, fine tuning its measurements and readings to be just where you need them.

Simple to install

After 3 easy steps, you’ll have Recessor installed within your wall or ceiling space.

wall wall
Make a 75mm/3″space for Recessor. Lock MultiSensor 6 in place.
wall wall
Insert Recessor-it’ll hold itself in place. That’s it!

More about MultiSensor 6.

wallMultiSensor 6 is more than just an invisible sensor, it’s a really clever. From its 6 different sensors to its precession engineering, it’s the sensor that means that the smart home is finally smart.

You can find out more about MultiSensor 6 here.


Technical Specification

    • Packing size:110x110x50 mm (LxWxH)
    • Base size: 100x100x44 mm (LxWxH)
    • CE
    • IP20

Package content

  • Unit:
    • Sensor Unit. 
    • Battery Cover.
    • Back Mounting Plate. 
    • Double-Sided Tape.
    • Screws (x3). 
    • mICRO USB cable
  • User manual

Z-Wave Specification

User manual

  • Manual


  • Guides
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